Running the London Landmark half marathon

Hello! I decided to do something that is massively out of my comfort zone and as you can see by the title, I have signed up for the run in the London landmarks half marathon (LLHM). The charity I am running for is called Debra. Debra is a national and international charity that supports people and families living with epidermolysis bullosa. It was founded in … Continue reading Running the London Landmark half marathon

Epidermolysis Bullosa

The title you’ve just read is one of the worst conditions you’ve probably never heard of. The only reason I know about this skin condition is that my partner has it. EB is the name of the group of genetic conditions in which makes the skin blister easily and even tear at the slightest touch. There are 3 types of EB ranging from mild to … Continue reading Epidermolysis Bullosa

Trying To Become A Minimalist.

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m probably a borderline hoarder. Not anything like stamps or newspapers. but clothes, shoes, makeup, teddies. I’m a very sentimental person and I had it hard to let go of things. I’ve been feeling lately like my entire life is a bit of a mess and it’s time that I do something about it.  Therefore, I’m going to be blogging … Continue reading Trying To Become A Minimalist.

Trying To Be Lauren; Weekly Roundup: 2

Wecolme to week 2! Monday: Got work done – deadlines are in a week’s time! Tuesday: Finished one of the videos for another assignment. Brought Lucy’s birthday card as her birthday is Thursday. Wednesday: Went Tgi Fridays for Lucy’s birthday it was amazing! Handed in one assignment – only 3 to complete! My big essay assignment deadline has been moved to give more time to … Continue reading Trying To Be Lauren; Weekly Roundup: 2

Trying to be Lauren Weekly Roundup: 1

To help keep me motivated I thought that I’d write out the positives of each day, they will be Monday through to Friday as I work most weekends, there won’t be a lot going on, but if there is I’ll include it. Monday: went food shopping. This is a big deal for me and food have a love-hate relationship. completed some sections of my assignments. Watched football with … Continue reading Trying to be Lauren Weekly Roundup: 1

Everyday vlogging?

Hello, I have decided to try and vlog every day. I might miss some days if I’m just not feeling it, but I’m going try my best. Also I’ll be uploading other videos, reviews and things. I would love it if you head over to my youtube channel and check it out! My Youtube Channel. Hope your having a good day! Lauren. Continue reading Everyday vlogging?