Product review: Nivea express hydration primer


So I thought to kick off my first proper blog post with a review. So the first product I decided to a beauty product.

I have been using the Nivea express hydration primer for around 2 to 3 months now and I adore it. Previously I had been using a makeup primer from seventeen, which I got in a set for Christmas which was nice and smooth but seemed to dry my face out. So after around 30 minutes ( yes 30 minutes pretty sure people around thought I was crazy) of scanning the makeup stalls in Boots I went to the ‘face’ section and started to see if I could see anything there and my friends who I was with at the time said she’d seen something on TV which was a moisturising primer. Instantly I thought that would be perfect since the other primer dried my skin out.

Nivea Primer

So the product itself is a white cream that turns clear when rubbed into skin, which is soft and light. It provides a smooth base to apply makeup which stays in place. It absorbs into the skin quickly meaning that there is no need to wait around to apply makeup over the top. With it being so light it is gentle on skin, which is also a plus as I know some products can react badly e.g. spots or rashes.  Its one of the best products I have purchased in a long time, I have had makeup on for the whole day and it stays put! Defiantly worth the try if you have any of the problems same as I do. But please remember everyone’s skin is different so what works on mine might not work on yours.

I brought my primer from Boots and it was on sale for £2.50, but retails at £4.99 full price. This product can also be found in :

  • Superdrug
  • Lloyds pharmacy
  • Ocado

Product details:

  • The packaging is simple, a round pot with a screw on lids so it is to get into.
  • The product itself contains 50ml.
  • The product is skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

Thank for reading! Please comment any questions or any primers that you love, always like to try new things.


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4 thoughts on “Product review: Nivea express hydration primer

  1. I’ve used Nivea my whole life and have a really nice skin which I like to believe is because of the creme. Unfortunately several years ago they pulled all face products from the US market (I believe they still have a few products for men, and body lotions) and have struggled ever since… whenever I visit Europe I load on Nivea face lotion… enjoy yours!

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