Subscription boxes?


So this is a really short post, my proper blog post will be uploaded later but I was if I could ask you guys if you know any good subscription devices/boxes for makeup that are worth the buy? 

I have always been scared of paying for a box that really isn’t worth it. 

Any comments would be helpful, thank you in advance. 


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  1. Depends if your from the UK or US? I’m exactly the same but try to get a subscription box which offers you the option to cancel the subscription at any time. I know here in the UK we have Glossybox or Birchbox for makeup which are around £10 a month? If your scared of feeling guilty maybe even google period subscription boxes- they often combine high end makeup/ beauty products with period products- that way even if you don’t like the beauty products you are guaranteed that you will find the rest of the box useful and it eliminates the fear of wasting money. Examples of these include Hello Flo, Pink Parcel, Le Parcel etc etc I’ve also heard of My little box which is novelty craft/ art/ edibles etc but I don’t really know a lot about it. If you Google US/UK subscription boxes for teens there are loads of articles and you can tailor your search for what you’re looking for x

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  2. Boxycharm. It is pricey but well worth it because you receive so many full sized products. Ipsy is another good one, it is $10 a month. Sometimes it is hit or miss but it does seem to be getting better, and instead of getting the makeup in a box, it comes in a unique makeup bag each month.


  3. I’m in the US but tried Glossybox for a few months last year. It was generally a complete hit or miss for me, but the products they’ve included in recent months have been pretty good. Not sure if this is true in the UK but their sub costs twice as much as the Birchbox sub since their products are supposed to be on the higher-end, larger size. Also I would recommend subscribing month to month when you do find the right box, so that you can cancel anytime even if you pay a little more overall.

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  4. I used to get glossy box but their samples were tiny! Like samples you could get for free at a make up counter. So I switched to birch box. Been subscribing to that for the past 9 months and it’s been good so far lots of full size products and Lovely brands I can’t always afford.
    Although I’ve seen glossybox and Instagram lately and they seem to have upped their game.

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