So I know I was going upload a blog Wednesday night but I was very busy, probably should manage my time better. 

But I wanted this blog to give you a little snippet of what media is. 

So media is such a wide subject to think about. It is everywhere you look, adverts, TV, films, music videos, magazines and so much more. The list is endless. Everyone has a different opinion about media and that’s what I love, as when it comes down to it you can’t be right or wrong it’s entirely you’re opinion. 

Studying media is extremely interesting, for me it never gets boring because different media comes out every day. 

So for my blog posts about media they will be about beauty in media and how it portrayed and my opinion and also yours! 

Thank you for reading!


Where you can find me:

  • YouTube – Lauren Smith-Martin -
  • Instragram – laarjadee 
  • Twitter – @LaarJade 

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