A July Favs.


So I thought todays blog could be a july favs post since we are nearly at the end of the month.

So My first fav is th body shop born lippy strawberry lip balm. I have lots of the body shop lip balms. But this month i have been using the strawberry one the most. I have the lip balms in pots but this one is a stick so it is easy to aces which is always great. I love the taste and the scent as it is not over powering. The texture of the product is smooth and applys  lovely onto the lips. So if you are thinking of gettin some new lip balms I suggest you try the body shop lip balms. 

My second fav is the Garnier micellar water make up remover. I love this for the simple fact it is entle on skin and dries quickly. Im sure most pople know about this makeup remover byut i am going to be doing a more in depth post with comparasions. 

 My fav nail polish this month is the Damson nail polish by Barry M. I love Barry M products in general but I love this colour because it is so bright and defiantly draws attenion to my nails and i get lots of complaments when i do different designs using this nail polish.  

Lately I have been into lip gloss and normally i dont wear it because i dont like the texture but the borjoius lipgloss is perfect as it isnt stick on the lips. the colour i have is brun poetic and is perfect for my skin tone as it doesnt wash me out it is very suttle on the lips and the packaging is also lovely. It is an brush applicator so it is easy to control. 

Honestly I dont have many favourites for this month as i havent brought many beauty products so i havent got many favs but opfully next month i will more.

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