Day 27 – 30 day makeup challenge. 

   Hey! Today is going be to really easy for me to do, as I adore eyeliner. I do have a lot of it in a range of different colours.  It is quite funny as my favourite eyeliner is the one I hated when I first brought it. I adore it now I've gotten round... Continue Reading →


Life tips! 

   Hey!  So I just did my day 24 challenge on makeup and beauty tips but I wanted to do a post on tips for general life. I know it's different from that I normally post but that's the whole point of blogging to express your self.  So this post is going to get personal... Continue Reading →

Day 23 – 30 day makeup challenge. 

   Hey! I have made lots of purchases recently some beauty related and some not but for this post I am just going to talk about the beauty related items. So I've brought 4 beauty related items recently which are two stila eyeshadows, a stila concealer and a set of real techniques brushes. I can't... Continue Reading →


Hey!  So I'm finally caught up with the posts so they are now all up to date. Hopefully I'll be able to stay on track but we will see!  Also after my challenge is over I am going to be doing another challenge! To keep my busy, all will be revealed soon.  Thank you for... Continue Reading →

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