Day 3 – 30 day makeup challenge! 


Okay so foolish I didn’t look at what today’s challenge was and I’ve removed my makeup so I’m going swap today’s challenge around with tomorrow’s and do my face of the day then. 

Anyway I’ll get into my fav concealer. At the moment it is the lasting perfection concealer by collection. I bet you are all stick of hearing about it but I love it. I’ve only had it a week and I wish I tried it soon.

Mine is in 02 cool medium which is probably a little dark for my face, but under my foundation you can’t tell. I use it under my eyes for them pesky dark circles and spots. 

The formalua is lovely and smooth and I think quite light. The packing is simple but sleek and the applicator is the best. 

(Ignore my nails aha) 

When I’ve applied it to my skin I usually just blend it in with my finger or if I can be bothered a small foundation brush. 

So that was day 3, thank you for reading and I’ll be back with day for tomorrow hopefully not forgetting to picture my makeup.



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