Day 4 – 30 day makeup challenge! 


So we are day 4 and if you read my post yesterday I’ve swapped today around with yesterday. Today’s post is going to be a face of the day. My look today is more a nude look and I love it. Honestly I’m not a person for lots of bright colours. I’m defiantly more into nudes and pale pink and hints of blue ( well it is my fav colour). Okay I’ll stop rambling now and get into it. 

So here is an overlook of what my makeup looked like – 

I paired nude eyeshadows with a pinky nude lip and black eyeliner as I think it completes any look. 


Before I apply any makeup I just the Nivea primer and don’t own an eye primer, so if anyone could recommend one that would be great. So on my eyes for a netrual colour all over a used the elf 6 pan hazel eyes palette and used the baby pink colour.

Then I applied a gold/bronze colour from a fcuk 5 pan palette on top of the baby pink to make my eyes pop. In my crease I used a silver/grey eyeshadow from the same palette and then I blended that out. To then complete the look eye I put the makeup revalution baked highlighter and the collection fast stroke liquid eyeliner in black. It took a couple of minutes to each eye and I loved the outcome. 

On my lips I used a Primark lip liner and lipstick. I love how it looks especially compared to my skin tone.  

So instead of listing the products I used there is a picture below but if you have any questions about any then just ask in the comments below.


Thank you for reading and I’ll speak to you tomorrow.



8 thoughts on “Day 4 – 30 day makeup challenge! 

  1. My favorite eyeshadow primer is urban decay anti-aging. I’ve tried a few of their primers and the anti-aging is my first choice. Plus, it feels like I’m being proactive about fighting wrinkles, haha.

    Also, the shade of lipstick is perfect for you! Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you! and aw we’ve only had it in my city for a couple of years and I don’t know how we’d couple without it aha


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