Day 8 – 30 day makeup challenge 


Day 8 is all about what in my makeup bag, so I’ll talk about the bag I have first.

The makeup bag that I am using at the moment is the third Zoella makeup up bag to be brought out. 

The reason I use this bag is that it is quite big so I can fit all my makeup and makeup brushes in it without having to fight with it. 

I change the  makeup in my makeup bag daily depending on the eye shadow or lipstick I’m wearing ect. 

As I don’t want for this post to be long I’m going to list the products and give them a rating and then picture it all below.  


  • Rimmel match perfection – 5/5
  • Elf palette – 4/5 
  • Nudes palette – 5/5 
  • Seventeen eyeliner – 4/5
  • No 7 mascara – 5/5
  • Lasting perfection concealer – 4/5
  • Both lip liners – 4/5
  • Revolution blusher – 3/5
  • No 7 lip crayon – 4/5
  • Clinique lip crayon – 4/5
  • Primark lipgloss 5/5!
  • Natural collection powder – 2/5 
  • Revolution highlighter 3/5
  • Primark bronzer – 2/5
  • Brushes – 5/5
  • Bobbles and clips – 5/5 even through I seem to always losing them
  • Lip balm 4/5

For the products that have a low rating, the only reason they are there is because I’m trying to use them up. 

Thank you for reading! 



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