Day 10 – 30 day makeup challenge. 


I don’t have many least fav products so I thought instead so listing the few I have, I thought I’d just say what I don’t like about certain products as I don’t have many branded ones I don’t like. 

So I’ll start with makeup remover, the one thing I don’t like about certain ones for that they are oily and I don’t like the way it feels in my face so water based is a lot better for me  

Lipgloss, I have a rough time with lipgloss because if the product is sticky I won’t wear it, mainly for the reason that I always end up with my hair stuck in it and I’m always fighting with my hair to try to not end up eating it. 

Eyeshadow. I think the one thing that annoys me is that eyeshadow that has slot of fall out so it ends up all over my face. This is a continuous challenge is I like trying new brands so I could love a certain product but then say the eye shadow isn’t to the same standard does put me off. 

Lastly I’d say some eye liners can be my least fav products if the product it self isn’t very good or it dries out quickly. Again something that annoys me because I can’t have a makeup look without liner so I go through it like crazy. 

Thank you for reading. 



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