This isn’t about makeup or media. For most people in the UK or anywhere else (idk) are getting ready to receive their as\a level results tomorrow. And yes I am one of them.

But honestly as long as you’ve tired you’re best that’s all that matters,whatever the out come.

So this post is short and I will resume all my posts back to normal and on time tomorrow.
I just wanted to say to anyone waiting for tomorrow too come good luck and im proud of all you amazing people no matter the outcome

Love Laurenn.


9 thoughts on “UGHGHHHH – RESULTS?!

  1. Good luck! I’m waiting for results to find out if i got into uni, so nervous. Only about 8 hours to go until they are up on my college website. Good luck to anyone that is waiting for results and as long as you tried hard don’t be disapponted, there are so many options out there. Also don’t be rushed into a desision tommrow, take your time to consider what you want! 🙂

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