Day 12 – 30 day makeup challenge


Skincare is a massive part of my day and one of things I enjoy to do. In my opinion it’s a tiny chunk of the day where I get to relax and have a bit of me time. 

After trying lots of different products I have finally perfected my skincare routine. It defiantly isn’t massive or anything fancy but it works for me. 

To start off in a morning I’ll do my skin care after I’ve brushed my teeth ect. So I start off my using the Garnier black head facial scrub and I use an electric face brush to help get into my pores and get the little nasty blackheads. Once I’ve done that I’ll wash my face to get the little beads off and that is it for face wash products.

I will then dry my face and then tone my face, at the moment I’m using the Boots own make toner and once that’s sunk in, after I’ll use my simple moisturiser and that it for the morning. 

To be honest every night I do the same but once a week I’ll use the Clinique face mask as a little treat. 

Thank you for reading and I’ll speak to you in my next post. 



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