Day 20 – 30 day makeup challenge.


I can’t believe we are on day 20 with only ten days left, still haven’t decided what I am doing after this in terms of blogs but I will do an updated blogging schedule when I’ve finished this challenge.

Mascara is a product this I go through by the bucket load. I don’t go back to the same one unless I love it that much as I want to try then all.

At the moment my fav mascara is by number seven and it is the……. It is in a red sparkley tube and us more in the shape of an oval tube than a cylinder which for me is a lot easier to hold and is also more comfy to hold.

As for the product itself I have it in black and it is very dark which I love as some black marasca says it’s black but looks more brown on. The brush is made out of brissles Which are soft and grip to you’re lashes to give them extra length. 

 Thank you for reading! 



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