Day 23 – 30 day makeup challenge. 


I have made lots of purchases recently some beauty related and some not but for this post I am just going to talk about the beauty related items.

So I’ve brought 4 beauty related items recently which are two stila eyeshadows, a stila concealer and a set of real techniques brushes.

I can’t give them a review as i havent used them yet but i will put photos down below.

I got them all from TKMaxx and I love going there as you can always find bargins which is great when you are limited on money. 

So the two eyeshadows I got are in the shades Copper and Azure and they are so pretty and only cost me 2.99 each. That was it and anywhere else reatils them for 12 pounds so i had to get them.

The concealer is in shade c and is a little dark fro my skin but i use darker concealer to cover red spots so after putting foundation on over the top you cant tell. The concealer was also 2.99 which normally retails fro 15 pounds so i cant explain to you how amazed I use picking these items up.

 The last product I got as the real techniques brushes and i was undecided about getting these but since i only have 4 proper brushes i bit the bullet and i had also never seen this set before. So I brouht the Nics pics set and in so happy i did and cant wait to try them out. I brought this set for 19.99 and t should be 29.99. The set comes with a duo-fiber face brush, cheek brush, angled shawdow brush, base shadow brush and a eyeliner brush. 

Thank you for reading!



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