Day 24 – 30 day makeup challenge


Tips I swear by well there are a lot of them for makeup,  so i am just going list as many as I can.

I love people giving tips when it comes to makeup and beauty as I enjoy learning different things plus I want to not look like a clown so thats a bonus. And yes some of these will and should be extermelty obvious.

  1. Washing my makeup brushes. When i was ylung I never saw the point but now I’m older its a tip and rule I will always stick too.
  2. blending my foundation ALL around my face. Okay yes I can be very lazy and then i end up with lines – hence the point about looking like a clown. So now i will bled it out and if i know I cant be botherd i wont put ounation on.
  3. In the summer use more BB’s creams than foundation. by doing this you arent clogging up youre pores so stil letting them breathe inn the sun and most BB’s creams have spf in them so extra protection. 
  4. use selotape to create winged eyeliner. Okay when I saw this I felt like it answered all of my prayers as I’m forever redoing my eyeliner to get it perfect.
  5. Use a lip exfoliant. I’ve also had dry lips that cracked meaning the skin would always come off. To fix this I use a lip exfoliant by lush before putting any other lip products on my lips and it keeps them healthy and smooth.
  6. Getting rid of any eyeliner and mascara smudges by putting concealer over it. This saves time if it is only a little mistake then redoing everything again.
  7. Throwing makeup away. Should be very clear but some people dont. Just like food makeup also expires so research when different types out out to date and keep track of when you purchased a product.
  8. Add a bold colour to one area of you’re face. This is also to prevent the clown face, only focus making you’re eyes bold and the focal point of your lips not both. 
  9. Do youre eye makeup first then your foundation. If you’re not an expert like me then this is great as you can get rid of the mistakes before adding foundation so you don’t have to keep applying it around your eye area. 
  10. Last tip is my fav. Just be yourself with makeup its your face, if you like the way your makeup looks rock it. Don’t try to empress anyone but yourself because in the end your opinion to your makeup is the only one that should count. 

Thank you for reading! 



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