Life tips! 


So I just did my day 24 challenge on makeup and beauty tips but I wanted to do a post on tips for general life. I know it’s different from that I normally post but that’s the whole point of blogging to express your self.  So this post is going to get personal and deep. 

I don’t know how many tips I’m going to write so we will see. 

  1. Be happy/positive. I know at times it’s hard but life is too short to be unhappy all the time. 
  2. Listen to youre heart. It will always guide you, and it will make you do what you want because apparently the heart never lies.
  3. Believe in yourself. The only thing that will stop you is yourself building walls stop you thinking that you can’t do something. 
  4. Follow your dreams. You want do something, you do it it could be one of the best things youve ever done.
  5. Treat others how you’d like to be treated. theirs nothing better than being nice to others and it costs nothing, dont treat or say things to others that you wouldn’t like to be done or said to you.
  6. Know youre boundaires. push yourself but not to the point of breaking. 
  7. Dont do something you wouldnt want to do or let people force you to do something you wouldnt want to do.
  8. Slow down. Remember not everything is a race. Do things in your own time.
  9. Remeber that you are strong. No matter what life throws at you it wont be the end. 
  10. NEVER change for anyone else! If people dont like you for you, they arent even worth youre time.

Everyone is wonderful. I’ve been down, I’ve been depressed and suffered with it for a long time. I’ve thought that I was unloved and not needed in this world. Small things upset me. But one day I learnt that I can change I am in control. I know live my life as I want too. Yes life is hard, but its an adventure, that I can’t wait to explore. 

If you ever feel upset, unloved, not wanted or anything like that please but remeber that someone loves you. You are NEVER alone in this world. 

Be thankful for every day. I changed for the better and started seeing life in a better way. Things will get better if your in a bad place. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep love and hope and faith in your heart and it will guide you.

I am a massive believer of fate. Everything does ( well to me )happen for a reason and I know everyday is worth living which is something i never thought that i would think. 

If you’ve read this, thank you and I hope you know you are loved by someone, if not I love you!



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