Who gives you the right too…

   Hey!  Okay I'm back, get I get a woop woop? No okay never mind. I'm going to start a new series of who gives you the right too...  Each month I'm going to think of a topic and write about it.the topics are going be very opinionated but this is just mine and we... Continue Reading →


Please read. 

Hey,  Firstly thank you for over 400 followers. I'm trying to follow everyone back so if you follow me and I don't follow you please comment.  Secondly I've started back college and it's a lot of work so I won't be carrying on with the blogging challenge I'll put a schedule up when I know... Continue Reading →

Day 8 – bloggin challenge. 

   Hey!  We set goals everyday, goals for the present and for the future.  My 5 goals for right now are quite average: Always be positive.  Finish some of the projects I've started.  Get through college. Tidy my room, as it's never ending of crap everywhere.  Live.  The last one is probably the most important.... Continue Reading →

Day 5 – bloggin challenge

   Hey!  I have many proud moment in my life being both proud of myself and of others.  So I am going to share my own proud moments and then when I've been proud of other.  My first proper proud moment was over a year ago now, I finally had the self control to give... Continue Reading →

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