All about that social media life. 

Hey!  At everyone is one social media nowadays I thought I’d get more connected, so leave any social media info like sc usernames, Instagram ect and I’ll add and follow you.  Here’s my info Youtube – Lauren Smith-Martin. ( i only have three videos at the moment)  Instagram – laarjadee  Twitter – @LaarJade  Email – Thank you for reading!  Laurenn  Continue reading All about that social media life. 

Day 8 – bloggin challenge. 

   Hey!  We set goals everyday, goals for the present and for the future.  My 5 goals for right now are quite average: Always be positive.  Finish some of the projects I’ve started.  Get through college. Tidy my room, as it’s never ending of crap everywhere.  Live.  The last one is probably the most important. Always remembering that I’m only human and not to rush … Continue reading Day 8 – bloggin challenge. 

Day 3 – bloggin challenge 

   Hey!  Day 3 is my favourite quote and that’s really simple for me too choose.  “You’ve got to fall before you fly”  That saying does rule my life. There have been times when I’ve tried things and failed. Once I failed I would lose all faith in whatever I was doing. As I got older I had to expect that there were times where … Continue reading Day 3 – bloggin challenge