Berry lips?! 


Okay I’ve been looking for a berry lip stick and honestly can’t find any.

So could you recommend anything? 

I don’t want anything too expensive and I also live in the UK so if there are any in boots or super drug that would be perfect! 

I’m going to upload all my posts tomorrow as I’ve been on holiday for a week so sorry for not being active. 

Thank you for reading. 



10 thoughts on “Berry lips?! 

  1. Okay drugstore berry lipsticks:
    Rimmel Kate Moss #30
    Rimmel Moisture Renew Sloane’s Plum
    Rimmel dark night Waterl-oops!
    Smashbox Mulberry or fig (£17 though)

    Hope this helps. I have others but these are my only ones that I can think of off the top of my head x

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  2. Revlon super lustrous lipstick “Violet Frenzy” (darker blackberry purple type color, beautiul)

    L’Oreal INFALLIBLE lipstick “Everlasting Plum” (bright but dark smashed berry color, gorgeous)

    FLOWER beauty kiss stick “Berry Bloom” (deep rasberry/merlot red, classic)


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