Day 5 – bloggin challenge

I have many proud moment in my life being both proud of myself and of others. 
So I am going to share my own proud moments and then when I’ve been proud of other. 
My first proper proud moment was over a year ago now, I finally had the self control to give up self harm, I’m not going to go into massive detail as it’s an upsetting subject to most and I’m trying to be positive. But story short I never thought I would and I’m grateful to be here today.
The other proud moment for myself was last month and I did share it on here when I got my exam results. I worked so hard and I hadn’t got any clue how it went until I picked them up. Everyone told me I’d be okay and I didn’t believe them and I should have done as honestly I had nothing really to worry about. 
So they are my two proudest moments for myself. My proudest moments for others is firstly my mum. 
My mum is an amazing women and brave in my eyes. I’m proud of her everyday. The same for my boyfriend Corey, he makes me proud everyday. He’s extremely brave he goes through a lot but he still gets up every morning. He’s is my hero and I don’t know how if do without him. 
I haven’t gone into detail for my proudest details for my proudest moments for others as I don’t think they’d want everyone to know there life story. 
I’m a really sentimental person so lots of things make me proud! 
What’s you’re proudest moment?
Thank you for reading! 


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