Day 7 – bloggin challenge. 



Fav songs and bands well that’s hard because I have so many. But I will try and widdle it down. 

I’m going count down through my top 5 fav songs first as the songs that are my fav won’t match my fav bands as I like some songs but not the singer or band as a whole and virse versa. 

Top 5 songs: 

5. Fight song – only recently released as I can relate to it. 

4. Keep holding on – I use to put this on every morning to give me motivation and make me believe in myself and it worked! 

3. Chasing cars – makes me cry as I’m so emotional but it’s beautiful all at the same time. 

2. Hello – Beyoncé’s voice is just wow, this just speak to me.

1. A thousand years – okay the instrumental is what I want at my wedding as my first dance ( when I actually get engaged aha) it’s beautiful. It’s mine and my boyfriends ‘song’. 

So this is where it gets erm weird as people always get confused who my all time fav bands are but here it is…

Top 5 bands :

5. All time low / fallout boy. 

4. You me at six 

3. Breathe Carolina

2. Mayday Parade

1. Panic! At the disco

What’s you fav song and/or band?

Thanks for reading!



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