Day 9 – bloggin challenge 

Probably a lot of crap is what is in my bag. As a girl I always take a lot of unessaery rubbish that just ways my bag down. 
The bag I am using at the moment is by lispy and I love it. It’s black and had a cut out print to give it that little bit extra. It’s quite big so that’s probably why I have so much crap in it. 

At the moment it has my purse in it which is made by fiorelli I brought it last week when I went on holiday and it’s perfect, it’s small but still has lots of space to put my cards in. It has a slot in the back for coins. 

I also have pens in the bottom, you know just in case. 

My work notepad as that was the last time I used it, but honestly I just r forget to take it out. 

3 lip balms as my lips are always really dry and cracked. 

My student I.D – I picked it up yesterday as I start college today! 

College timetable, self explanatory. 

Jacket as I didn’t know if it was rain but my jumper was keeping me warm enough. 

Body spray as I honestly can’t go anywhere without a bottle or two depending on how big it is. 

My keys again self explanatory. 

Lip liner to touch up here and there. 

Raffle tickets for slimming world

Lastly my iPod I love listening to music and since I walk most places it makes the time go faster! 

Now looking over I haven’t got that much rubbish but in other bag they are defiantly more full. 

Thank you for reading! 



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