Who gives you the right too…


Okay I’m back, get I get a woop woop? No okay never mind. I’m going to start a new series of who gives you the right too… 

Each month I’m going to think of a topic and write about it.the topics are going be very opinionated but this is just mine and we are all entitled to our own opinion. 

This month is who gives you the right to be racist?
Through out the day everyday I don’t think a day has pasted that I haven’t heard, oh yeah you’re being racist. I think that some day use it t much and that is where the problem comes from. If you haven’t got anything nice to say don’t see it. I don’t need to be a milky bar because I’m white. I don’t want to be scared to stand up for myself. The race card is just thrown around and why do we have the right to do so. We aren’t badmans for doing so. It’s just plain rude. We live in a multicultural world and have done for a long time, get use to it! 

Honestly I’m sick of comments being made here and there over a stupid argument. We are all unique, so it doesn’t matter what colour we are or what we believe.

People need to think before they open their mouth, would you like what you’re going to say to be said to yourself? 

What’s your opinion? 

Thank you for reading 



10 thoughts on “Who gives you the right too…

  1. people are starting not to take this word seriously, because of how often it’s thrown around. there used to be a time when people could have civilized disagreements. but so many idiots have access to the internet nowadays, so you just have to let situations like these roll off your shoulders.


  2. I Totally agree! I was actually listening on the radio today and their topic is about the same as this post.. I honestly wanted to call and air my opinion but I didn’t.. Lol anyway.. This word “racist” or thought should be deleted or forgotten to avoid arguments as we all are unique anyway! Great post Friend!👍🏻👍🏻

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