Hey!  To be fair I don't normally bother about Halloween but this year I decided to make a small effort.  This morning I started by getting dressed and I just of course put underwear on, some black leggings with a fleece lining I got from Primark, a skeleton top that glows in the dark (Primark)... Continue Reading →


Happy, happy, happy. 

Hey!  I love sharing positive good news with people so here's mine for today. I passed my car theory test! I can't believe how happy I am just one step closer to being able to legally drive on my own.     Sending positive vibes to you all today.  Thank you for reading, speak to you... Continue Reading →

The power of makeup! 

Hey!  I've been waiting do this post for a while and it's basically showing how different or not so different people look with makeup on.  Over the past couple of months I've become more comfortable not wearing makeup up all the time but I find applying makeup quite calming.  Makeup can change some peoples appearance... Continue Reading →

Been away…

Hey!  Okay so I know I've been away for a while and honestly I've been so stressed out since I've been back college I haven't had time to just sit down and post.  Luckily next week is half term, so I have a week off to catch up and hopefully write all the blog posts... Continue Reading →

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