A 2015 recap!

Hey, Probably one of or my last post of 2015 so I thought I'd do a recap on my year. The start of the year was wonderful, my beautiful mother turned 40 in January therefore lots to celebrate there. Through out jan it was nice and plain sailing. February saw Valentines day the second with... Continue Reading →


Favourite time to blog.

Hey, So for me as I'm writing this it is 19:40pm and I'm chilled out had my tea, took a shower and dried my hair and now it is time to relax and it just got me thinking, the night time is always my favourite time to write blog posts. Even though this post will... Continue Reading →


Hey, So I was thinking about restarting up my youtube and was wondering if there is any bloggers on here that can give me any tips, as I want to make sure the quality etc is good. Thank you for reading. Laurenn x Youtube - Lauren Smith-Martin. ( i only have three videos at the... Continue Reading →


Hey! Okay so I know I've missed a few days of Blogmas and in all honesty I've just been so busy and it's just going to get worse over the next 4 days. So I'm not promising anything about uploading posts. Hopefully I can though  Thank you for reading.  Laurenn  Youtube - Lauren Smith-Martin. (... Continue Reading →

Blogmas day 16 – Christmas tops. 

Hey!  Yesterday was about Christmas jumpers today is about Christmas tops!     This top is from Matalan, a woman's size 10 and says snow much love.     This one is from debenhams, woman's size 12.    Lastly this top is again from Matalan, woman's size 12 and says snow cool.  Which is your favourite 1,2... Continue Reading →

Blogmas day 14 – winter nails. 

Hey! Today's post is about my favourite winter nail polish. It a silver glitter by Sally Hanson in 710 - diamond jubilee. I absolutely adore the colour. I always think silver is a wonder colour but it looks so beautiful especially when it catches the light.          What is your favourite winter colour?  Laurenn... Continue Reading →

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