Blogmas!! Day 1


Surprise I’m going to do blog as on top of my posts, aren’t you lucky! 

I just want to say first happy 1st of December only 24 days till Christmas (not counting today) and if you don’t celebrate Christmas it’s the start of happy holidays! 

To kick start in going to do a day in the life of me, Christmas themed ( sort of… There are going to be chocolate and Christmas decorations, that’s good enough!) 

6:45am til 8am So I started my day with getting up, getting dressed have a wash eating breakfast, brushing my teeth and applying makeup ect off with opening my advent calander, I have a malteaser one and my dog even has a doggie one! 

After that I made my way to college. I quickly nipped into sainsburys on my way down and brought my mum some pjs for Christmas, as everyone gets ten at Christmas. 

Once I’ve brought them I go to the LRC in college, I have lots to catch up on, by Christmas it has to be handed in and it is over a hundred page word document and a 70 page PowerPoint presentation. Not fun. The only just side is I’m listening to to Christmas songs to have a little pick me up. 

The day went as a blur, I watched captain America, did some more ICT work and then college was over. 

After college I went to meet my boyfriend to give him his early Christmas present. 

When I’m with time the time go so quick and I wish it would slow down as I hate having to leave him. 

5pm onward I went to the gym and then once I was home I had a lovely hot bath, had some tea, dried and straighten my hair and just really relaxed. 

Life in the day of Lauren isn’t anything exciting but it was nice to share with you! 

See you tomorrow! 

Thank you for reading. 



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