Blogmas day – 6 What gives you the right to… Spread rumours? 


Today’s rant topic is something I don’t think I’ll ever understand. 

I hated high school it was the worst five years of my life. Okay yes I had some good memories they were only a hand full though. 

I don’t think I had any rumours spread about me and if I did they weren’t that big as I never heard anything. 

However through out my time at high I’ve heard many different rumours some were harmless in reality but others were horrid. 

The things that people don’t realise how it effects the person it is about especially when try know it’s not true but once one person hears it they tell someone else, I mean some times the people who spread it aren’t doing it to be mean if it’s something they are just talking about but why do the people who started it in the first place feel the need too? 

I mean I hate lies absolutely hate them and that’s exactly what a rumour is just another lie? And what makes it worse people actually believe what someone else has said and don’t even ask the person who the rumour is about first if it’s true. 

Rumours get spread about anyone and everyone, so called celebs are targeted all the time. People just need to live their own life instead of ruining others.

What are you’re thought on rumours?

Thanks for reading!



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