Blogmas day 9 – high end makeup? 


This Christmas I want to invest in some ‘high end’ makeup and was wondering if anyone had any products they would recommend? 

I’m up to trying anything so anything would be helpful! 

Thank you for reading!



7 thoughts on “Blogmas day 9 – high end makeup? 

  1. I think a high quality eye/face palette is a really good investment. Obviously I don’t know what you have already but here are some of my favorites! –

    – Smashbox Shape Matters face palette –

    – Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette –

    – tarte Rainforest After Dark eye and cheek palette –



  2. I’m a lip product junkie and I absolutely love the double-ended bite lipsticks! They’re mini versions of their regular lipstick line and you get two colours in each tube, so it’s perfect for experimenting. Also loving the Too Faced melted liquified lipsticks, they are super pigmented! I’m not much of a high end makeup girl, I love drugstore makeup, but if I had to splurge on high end, those are the things I would grab first 🙂


  3. My friend has a saying, If your going to spend money on anything It should be your foundation. We spend all this time and money on morning and night routines for our faces, we should make sure to use a good quality foundation that helps our face, not hurt it, during the day. I personally choose Urban Decay naked skin, but my friend loves makeup forever. It’s up to you which one but I will say DEFINITELY foundation.

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  4. My high end all time favorite product is the BabyDoll mascara by YSL. It dries up faster than most and is quite pricey but the result it gives me is priceless. If you purchase from Sephora and dont like it, you can return it. Even if you’ve used it a couple of times

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