A 2015 recap!


Probably one of or my last post of 2015 so I thought I’d do a recap on my year.

The start of the year was wonderful, my beautiful mother turned 40 in January therefore lots to celebrate there. Through out jan it was nice and plain sailing.

February saw Valentines day the second with my beautiful boyfriend, we went bowling and had a lovely meal out. He always treats me like a princess.

March… Hm March isn’t so good, it was two years in march since I lost my grandad and three years since I lost my great Nanna who I both miss terribly.

April saw mine and Corey’s 17th birthday, I will say fate always brought us together for the fact we were both born on the same day therefore sharing the same birthday.

May, June, July, August saw exams, holidays, making summer memories and getting my AS level results. Starting my blog which was a massive thing for me. So many memories little day in the day to explain everything aha.

September saw going back to college and start my year in A level, oh such fun -.-

October saw taking my theory and passing first time and I’m so glad that I don’t have to redo it.

November brought fireworks and excitement but a little to much for my dog as she hates them.

Finally December saw mine and my boyfriends second year anniversary and he surprised me and treat me to the theatre to see our local panto. christmas which will be in a whole different blog post which will hopefully be up the start of the new year and then here right now at 16:14pm sat writing this blog post thinking about all the wonderful times I’ve had and maybe not so good times.

2015 has taught me a lot. Everyone isn’t who they say they are. people can lie to your face and not even care but thats okay because in the end you know you don’t need them in your life. I’ve lost friends and gained new friends and sadly lost some people who I won’t ever see again. Hoping they are sleeping tightly.

I hope you all have had a wonderful 2015 and ready to bring on the new year. See you all in 2016, love and best wishes to you.

Laurenn x




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