My Sunday..

Hey, I thought today I'd write a post of what I've been doing today! This morning started off as normal, get up and get ready. when ready I went out for half an hour in my car to try and perfect some of the things I'll need to do in the driving test. When I …

300 Followers Giveaway!! – reblog 

Stacey Lee Beauty

Hello everyone!!

I have recently reached 300 followers on my blog! I cannot believe it! I know that 300 isn’t a massive number but I’m so proud of myself for doing something that I enjoy and of all the new friends I have made through this beauty blogging world. It really is amazing to be able to connect with people all over the world through a mutual love of beauty and lifestyle!

So, to show my appreciation for all the support and love that you all have shown to my blog and myself, I have decided to host my first giveaway! Yay! The winner will receive a Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette of their choice**! I figured since they are one of my favourite series of palettes, I would share one with you! The choices are between the Original Chocolate Bar, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar or the Bon Bons Chocolate Bar.

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Social Media.

Hey, Since my last post about Instagram went down well I thought I'd expand it so below leave your usernames for twitter, snapchat, youtube or whatever just leave your username below and which social media it is for and i will follow or subscribe. Thank you for reading. Laurenn x Youtube - Lauren Smith-Martin. ( …