What I got for christmas 2015


This is my long, over due what I got for Christmas 2015 blog.

I have had lot of stuff this Christmas and I’m extremely grateful so don’t bother commenting anything nasty. I  love reading and seeing photos about what people got for Christmas as it is also a good way to get ideas.

I have gone into detail photographing everything so its going be a long post, I’m hardly going write anything as the pictures really explain everything.

I got a lot of so many people and I’m so grateful as I hate when people spend lot of money on me. I haven’t photographed absolutely everything, as I had either used or opened it or maybe its in the wash. I was blown away by what I got and my ‘main’ present off my mum and stepdad was a macbook air and Nikon 1! I couldn’t even believe my eyes. My family and friends always go the extra mile and I couldn’t ever thank them enough. Below are the photos of what I got for christmas, I’m not sure where everything was from as I always get surprised but if it has a tag or a label and you wanna know comment below and I’ll see if the item says anything on it.

Hope you all had a merry christmas or happy holidays!

Thank you for reading!

Laurenn x




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