The lovely blogger award!



Lately I’ve been lucky enough to be nominated for many different awards and this is one of them! I was nominated by the lovely Kelsey Dawn.

The rules for award acceptance are:

Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them ( including a link to their blog). They must list the rules and post the blog award badge in the post.

They must add 7 facts about themselves.

They must nominate 15 other bloggers and notify them that they have been nominated.

The 7 facts about me are:

  • My birth name was Lauren-Jade Smith but at my 13th birthday I took on my step dads last name of now my legal name is Lauren-Jade Smith-Martin.
  • When I was younger my family use to call me LJ because they thought it was cool like ‘CJ’
  • I’m 17 years old and my birthday is the 30th of April.
  • My favourite colour is blue!
  • I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 25 months.
  • I want to study media at uni
  • I’m addicted to candles!

The 15 bloggers I nominate are:

  • beautifilskintstudent
  • kat
  • everythingnothin
  • online beautyfines
  • BeeBeautifulll
  • M
  • braidsandbeauty
  • Gigi
  • Natalie Davis
  • jodi – a brash attitude
  • lasheslipstickandlife
  • shawnsdawnx
  • bohocharming
  • Jamie Marie
  • Chloe p

I haven’t tagged everyone in here as my laptop was just saying no! You don’t have to do it, its just little fun.

Thank you for reading!

Laurenn x



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