Corey. (personal post)


Writing blog posts is defiantly a release for me. This is a personal post dedicated to my wonderful boyfriend but also like story time.

25 months ago I got with Corey and nervous was an understatement. I don’t even understand now why he wanted me but years down the line I have found my partner for life.

When I got with Corey, I was probably at one of my lowest points in my life. I didn’t understand right from wrong when it came to life. I thought self harm and depression was right as I had never known everything different for years. I had no reason to be here, which looking back I see I had so many times but anyway thats a different post all together.

Its amazing how people change you and luckily for me Corey literally saved me. I got with him hoping this time I’d get it right after the hell I went through in the past. He is the right one.

He made me see life through new eyes. I now don’t feel like there is no reason to be here. Don’t get me wrong I still suffer with panic attacks, depression and anxiety but I know when I’m with him it will be okay. I don’t feel embarrassed about myself anymore. I’m working on expecting myself for me. My confidence is growing and I’m coming out of my shell.

Without him I wouldn’t know what I’d do. I make mistakes and I’m far from perfect but he always reminds me that in his eyes I’m perfect. I know I’m not alone. He accepts me for my past and he is my future.

Love was a word a use to hate and now I embrace it with open arms.

Everyone is going through difficult times and feel like things aren’t going to get better but I’ve found my light at the end of the tunnel. He supports me through my failures and achievements. Reminds me I’m beautiful, that I’m worth something and I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

Corey I love you with all my heart and this is a simple reminder of all the amazing things you’ve helped me through the past 25 months. I don’t say thank you enough or show how grateful I am but I’m honestly not sure where I’d even start.

To anyone who is reading this, there is always a light at the end of the dark tunnel, it can be found in different things and people. Please know you are never alone, if you need someone to talk to about anything don’t hesitate to talk to me, I always want to try and help the best I can or if you just want someone to listen to.

Thank you for reading!

Laurenn x

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18 thoughts on “Corey. (personal post)

  1. This is such a touching post and it’s a relief to know that I’m not the only one who goes through depression and constant patches of feeling like things will just get worse . I’m so happy you found the perfect person who completes you . Stay happy always 💞


    1. Thank you and you’re defiantly not alone. I hope you can always find that light at the end of the tunnel whatever you are going through x


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