Goals for my blog!


Today I am going to writing about the goals I want for my blog and what I want to achieve since I’ve been blogging now for 7 months roughly. 

  1. By the end of the year reach 2000 subscribers/follower. Seems like a big ask but I’m only just over 100 away from reaching 1000! 
  2. Host a giveaway – I said I was going to do this ages ago, but money was and still is tight but I will save and try again soon. 
  3. To carry on enjoying it as much as I can. 
  4. Blog when I can- I don’t want to fall behind this year I want to post all the time when I’m able too! 
  5. Have fun – this is my last goal. Everyone on here is a like a little family and love it that everyone is so supportive!

Do you have any goals for your blog? 

Thank you for reading! 

Laurenn x 

  • Youtube – Lauren Smith-Martin. ( i only have three videos at the moment) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF79wyIAUqWpPek0EQx-4oQ 
  • Instagram – laarjadee 
  • Twitter – @LaarJade 
  • Email – laurenjsmithmartin@outlook.com 
  • Facebook – mediaandmakeup
  • Snapchat – laarjadeee 
  • Instagram blog – Mediaandmakeup

20 thoughts on “Goals for my blog!

      1. You can search for tags, it depends if your on your phone or on a laptop to where you can do this and if you type in key words of the things that are to do with you’ll write about it all come up with posts linked to those keywords! Hopefully there you can find bloggers with similar styles

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