My Sunday..


I thought today I’d write a post of what I’ve been doing today!

This morning started off as normal, get up and get ready. when ready I went out for half an hour in my car to try and perfect some of the things I’ll need to do in the driving test. When I got home my Auntie was arriving with my cousins and eldest cousins baby girl Imogen who is just the cutest!

Around 12:30 they went home and my mum wanted me to sort out her iPad and iPod to sync her new albums to. An hour later I had finally finished add the songs and syncing them. A job that I don’t want to do again any time soon!

I grabbed a bag of cheetos – slamming hot flavour as it is my favourite. I then put all my clothes away that have been washed as I hate having them out as it just looks so messy.

For the next few hours I caught up with the latest episodes of Teen Wolf as it has been my obsession since since it aired on TV.
My plans for tonight, are to eat my food, take a long hot bath since I don’t feel too good at the moment and do some revision before heading off to sleep.

I hope you had a lovely sunday, thank you for reading!

Laurenn x

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