January favourites.


I’m not so sure where January has disappeared to but here goes hopefully another great month.

Today I’m going to talk about my favourite products I’ve been living in January! As Christmas has only just come and gone I’ve been trying lots of different products so in reality this month I don’t have mean favourites as I haven’t had chance to properly try products but I do have a few. My mum got a mini benifit gift set at christmas but some of the things in it she knew she wouldnt use so she gave themj to me and one that stood out to me is the benfit porefessional. I have been using this as a base for my eyeshaowdow as the sample is small but has a larger amount in it so I will be defiantly will be buying a bigger version when I have used this one up. I’m not going say a lot as I have an review on this which I will be uploading soon.

Next is another project from benefit product and it is the high beam. I’ve only recently got into using highlighters and I’ve got to say I’ve been using this one a lot. I love how it dries and pinky shimmer it has to it. It gives my face a soft glow.

 Moving on a lip project I’ve been loving is the Primark lip liner its a mauve colour but I use as a matt lip colour all over as it lasts for hours and it doesn’t dry my lips out!

 My last two favourite products are eyeshadow palettes. The first one is called nudes from H&M it has 5 beautiful colours 2 matt colours and three shimmers. I use these as my transition colours when applying more colourful eyeshadows to blend it all together.

The last eyeshadow palette is The Nudes palette from Maybelline. These 12 colours are amazing especially for the price. the mix of shimmers and matts create beautiful looks that can be both causal but also can be used to make a more glamorous night look.

 Well that is it for this month’s favourite products!

Thank you for reading!

Laurenn x

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