What I got for Valentines day?


I hope you all had a wonderful valentines day, no matter what you did. Im going to show you what I had off Corey and also my mum. Before any one gets any rude ideas my mum has always been me something since I can remember because no more loves someone more than a mother loves her child.

Off Corey I got two cards. One was an jokey card which I absolutely love, I thought it was brilliant and I adore his since of humour. He did buy more  lovey dovey one as well as he is not that mean! This valentines day we celebrated our third of being together and to say that is so crazy to put!

For my presents he was so adorable and got me a fake rose which he has done for every Valentine’s Day and he got me a pandora ring which I can’t believe! 

My mum got me these and I’m so grateful! 



20 thoughts on “What I got for Valentines day?

  1. Beautiful gifts. My mom gives me a valentines gift every year also and I always give her a little something. I agree. , the greatest love is from a mother. šŸ™‚

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