It’s give away time! 


I’ve been thinking of doing a give away for a long time now and I’ve decided I’m going do it! It’s going be a little different though.

There are going be I’m going to be picking 30  winners, 30 yes of you but it will be drawed at the end of the year. This will be open til 31st of December 2016!

The prizes will be a range of makeup and beauty items from drug store and high end products. 

Why idk I want to give everyone a fair chance but I means through the year I can pick little bits and bobs up to put together for you guys and I can work out how to send parcels to other countries!

Want to enter, here are my rules:

  1. You have to be following me on here.
  2. Follow me on all my social media sites which can be found here –
  3. Comment below your social media usernames and stuff so I can check!

1 more extra entry?

  • Reblog this post and let me know!

Simple hopefully if everything works to plan as it will be a nice surprise at the start of the year in 2017 when you’ve probably forgotten by the time I draw the winners.

(Depending on how many people enter depends if I might raise or decrease the number of winners)

Thank you for reading!

Laurenn x

  • Youtube – Lauren Smith-Martin. ( i only have three videos at the moment)
  • Instagram – laarjadee
  • Twitter – @LaarJade
  • Email –
  • Blog Instagram – Mediaandmakeup
  • Snapchat – Laarjadeee
  • Facebook- Mediaandmakeup

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