Best foundation for dry skin?


I have dry skin and I’m struggling to find a foundation but looks good onΒ  my skin without it dring and making ym skin look flaky?

Does have anyone else have this issue and know any good founations that wont break the bank?

Thank you for reading!

Laurenn x

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43 thoughts on “Best foundation for dry skin?

  1. hey hun, if your looking for a glow with your foundation then usually dewy finish foundations are definitely more moisturising. Highstreet foundations that have a luminous finish are Rimmel wake me up, Loreal lumi magique foundation, and even the Rimmel London match perfection. Also maybelline have some good bb creams that aren’t drying! I also recommend you to get a good serum and then use moisturiser and even a mosituring primer if your really dry and you will have a flawless base! hope it helped x

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  2. I had this same problem but i started using Maybelline Fit Me foundation. They have a matte (normal to dry skin) and dewy (normal to oily skin). I first tried the matte one first and even though it was for more oily skin it was still great on my dry skin. I currently have the dewy one and although its great, i prefer the matte one. If you have REALLY dry skin you can buy the matte one and add a little bit of face oil to it and im sure it will work great! I hope this helped! 😊

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  3. I’ve been trying this technique for a few years when my skin was extremely dry and patchy. I used 2 drops of face oil in my foundation, any foundation would do as long as it’s not with extremely matte finish. It helps alot and I didn’t get any day patches on my skin going forward! Xx

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  4. I always suggest to my clients with dry skin to try an oil based foundation. The oil based foundation helps moisturize the skin, where water based products can dry and draw moisture out of the skin. There are several on the market to choose from, so I’m sure you’ll find one you’ll love.

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  5. I have extremely dry skin and there have been 3 that immediately pop into my head! The cheapest option of the 3 is Maybelline Fit Me Dewy. It’s extremely dewy so I like to lightly set it with powder. The next is Smashbox BB cream. This one is by far my favorite of the 3. It has a natural finish and doesn’t transfer. Also buildable coverage. The next is Hourglass Hyaluronic Skin Tint. This is super full coverage but very moisturizing! It is the most expensive option of the 3 but it has skincare benefits.

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      1. Yeah i love it, you can get it tested in store too which is good! Its okay, I found your channel and i’ve subscribed x


  6. I’m a long-term eczema sufferer and I always have a few dry patches somewhere. The only foundation that works for me is Max Factor’s Pan Stik. It’s so good, it even makes my dry skin look dewy – something I thought I could never have. And the Pan Stik is oil-based!

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  7. Hi MediaAndMakeup, i would try BB cream or tinted moisturiser instead of a foundation. Foundation tends to clog the pores and if you are prone to dry skin it could be foundation making it worse. A tinted moisturiser will give you a nice glow whilst helping the dry skin issue and if you need coverage mixing in a tiny bit of standard foundation (i use Estee Lauder double wear) in to the BB cream/tinted moisturiser on your hand will give you the coverage you need at the same time. Whatever you decide to try i hope you find the product right for you, everyone is different! x

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  8. I have the L’Oreal true match lumi (old version, not the cushion!) and it’s incredibly hydrating. If you’re looking for a higher-end brand, I just bought the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless foundation. It’s demi-matte, but I have mostly dry skin and I’ve been loving it πŸ™‚
    ps. followed you on instagram!

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  9. I have dry patches, and I’ve always had the same problem with any foundation I’ve ever bought – but now I use Bourjois Healthy Mix along with a Rimmel primer and Simple moisturiser beforehand and my skin has never looked so good! x

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  10. Dry skin seems to be passed up in today’s beauty world. I too have dry skin, and have dealt with flaky skin after putting foundation on. One thing that I did was adopt a skin care plan that consists of a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. I have also realized that most primers do nothing but dry my skin out more. I currently use Clinque’s moisture surge underneath my foundation, which is Kat Von D’s lock-it foundation. I would also recommend using a beauty blender to apply your foundation. The wet sponge helps push the product into your skin. This has worked for me and has completely got rid of the flaking I use to experience when I put on foundation.

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  11. Hi there! I’m an MUA working part time for MAC. I would suggest the Mineralize moisture foundation from MAC: it leaves the skin dewey-looking and hydrates nicely. Another tip: hydrate your skin really well and exfoliate regularly. It will really improve your skin’s appearance and you won’t see flakes anymore! If you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to help! Contact info on my blog πŸ™‚ -xox-

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  12. I have Clarins ever lasting foundation, and it has been far the best I have used!! It’s feels so hydrating through the day which is nice, but I wouldn’t say it helps with the dry skin so don’t use it too often xxxx

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  13. Hey. =) I use the Wayne Goss method of using double to triple the amount of moisturizer under your primer (though he says you don’t need a primer at all). It gives the skin enough hydration underneath all the makeup to keep it from getting even more dried out when you remove it. Which it removes easier as well with this method. I also use a hydrating primer. If you feel like you’re getting too much moisture left on the skin before primer or foundation, dab the spots with a tissue and that should take the excess away. Here’s his video if you’re interested: It’s a short video, 2-3 minutes. Just make sure to work the moisturizer into the skin with a large sponge and not your fingers, because your fingers will take in some of the lotion as well. Hope this helps. =)

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