Sorry I’ve been away.

Hey, I've been away lately. College has defiantly become exteremly more difficult so I've had to put blogging on the back burner wish I'm upset about. So while I am off for easter I'm going to write all the blog posts I can to help me still stay in touch with you guys as i …


Take my survey!

Hey, Click here! to take my beauty survey, it shouldn't take long, just trying to do some research! Thank you in advance. Laurenn x Youtube - Lauren Smith-Martin. ( i only have three videos at the moment) Instagram - laarjadee Twitter - @LaarJade Email - Snapchat - laarjadeee Facebook - Mediaandmakeup Blog Instagram - Mediaandmakeup

My logo! 

Hey,  It has taken me a while to finish it off but I finally did it!  Hope you all like it. It is the cover photo on my Facebook page - mediaandmakeup.  Thank you for reading.  Laurenn