What gives you the right to ruins someone life?


Today I’m going to talking/ ranting about people ruining others lives.

If someone has tried to do it to you, I know how you feel and if you one of the people who has tried to ruin someone life I’m disgusted in you.

I see it all over the media, people spreading lies about others, people then spread these rumours and it could potential ruin someone life. I don’t see what is so appealing about it but why would you ruin everything someone has made for themselves. You don’t know how long it has taken them to get to that point and with a few simple words. From that they may not be able to achieve everything they achieved because no one will trust them again.

What do you get from it. I was lucky that I had chance to tell the truth and get away from the people that got to me but some people aren’t that lucky.

Please but think before you decide to say something about someone which could ruin everything for them.

Thank you for reading!

Laurenn x

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5 thoughts on “What gives you the right to ruins someone life?

  1. I completely understand Lauren! I had very similar experiences with ‘friends’ when I was a bit younger and unfortunately it now takes me a lot to trust friends.
    Recently though I’ve had this happen again but from family :/ I’m a positive person 85% of the time so when people try to ruin/ criticise your life it gets you down.
    Hope you don’t have this happen to you again as its awful! X

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  2. I read a lot of reddit subs with major drama and it’s all about the person spreading rumors and lies and precious little to do with you. A lot of those people are vindictive and have personality disorders from what I can tell.


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