Review: No7 Lash Impact Mascara


Today’s post is a review on a mascara. To be honest I’ve never really tried a no7 mascara before but I love this one.

Packing: It is red and sparkly what more does a girl want! I makes it stand out when I’m searching through my makeup which also helps. the shape of the bottle is nice and easy to grip when holding it to apply it.

The Brush: The brush is small at both ends but bigger in the middle, which is great as it makes it better to get in the corners of your eyes without poking your eye ball out.

Product it self: The mascara is great, create a beautifully natural look. Curls lashes for more volume and doesn’t clump on the lashes and makes them look really long.

I’d give this mascara an 5/5 in my opinion I love everything about it! The packing is great, the brush is so easy to use and the mascara is a perfectly consistence. All round a great product.

Thank you for reading!

Laurenn x


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