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My guest blogger for this post is Alyson and you this is where you can find her blog!

These questions are really fun! Here goes nothing….

1. I use MaxFactor Colour Adapt Foundation in Creamy Ivory. I have done for many many years but I’m trialling Bourjois Healthy Mix just now to try to find something with a little more glow.

2. I often have 3 on the go! Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is, well, perfection, Maybelline Age Rewind (I love this for colour correction because it has an apricot undertone) and Benefit Erase Paste.

3. I have a cool undertone. I was reading up about this awhile ago after hearing a lot about it from beauty YouTubers. If I’d had to guess I would have said cool anyway as I’m pale and Scottish and bronzer just does nothing for me! After reading up about it, I have very obviously blueish veins in my wrists and always burn in the sun so there’s no doubt I’m cool!

4. I think false lashes can work if you want them to. I don’t use them personally but would possibly consider more the less dramatic ones for a big event. Girls who wear them everyday, well, I think that’s overkill, but I’m blessed with relatively long lashes so I can’t really understand the pain of having short lashes! I do love false lash effect mascaras though for dressing up my look.

5. Tati told me that actually, but I’m not really sure what happens if you don’t, and I have to say I’m guilty of running a mascara down until it’s getting too dry to use. That stuff’s expensive.

6. I’m not particularly “ride or die” for any one mascara. I used Benefit They’re Real for a good long time, but I found that it lost its impact after relatively few uses so I’m back to L’Oreal!

7. I like a natural brow look so my Tweezerman tweezers are a must have. I use the Real Techniques Face Brush for foundation, the Real Techniques Blush Brush and Lottie London Kabuki for blush, highlighter and powder (although I need a smaller one), and a couple of cheap drugstore shadow brushes (I could use a good crease brush). I use my fingers a lot!

8. I’ve never bought an eye primer but I generally use my Benefit erase paste to even out my lid colour and add something for my shadow to cling to.

9. I’m currently using Maybelline Baby Skin because it’s easy to apply and is relatively good value for money. I’m not sure which primer you use makes a huge amount of difference as long as you do use one, but I’m really keen to try the Makeup Forever Hydrating Primer because I’ve heard so many good things and find that my skin gets so dried out by foundation.

10. Brunette from Makeup Revolution’s Beyond Flawless Palette. It’s not an obvious choice but it’s the most perfect slightly plummy matte brown – really great as the main component of an easy go to daytime look. So pretty.

I started my blog as a way of recording my recipes and thoughts, primarily, and gradually started to introduce beauty and lifestyle posts which I really enjoyed doing (but hasn’t thought about initially because I’m no expert!) and I the response and interaction which followed encouraged me to bring in more and more of those sorts of posts. Over Christmas, I finally made the leap to making this blog a lifestyle and beauty blog only.

I also run a food blog which is a joint venture with my fiancé –  blog

Thank you to Alyson for joining in and for you for reading!

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