My Easter Holiday.


Even though the Easter half term was a couple of weeks ago I thought I’d share what I did. It could give you some ideas of what to do and if you did anything fun let me know, I love hearing about what you guys have done.

On good Friday, I took a trip to chester and did some shopping. It’s the first time since I pasted my taste I’ve drove out of my home town, but it was a lovely drive and cant wait to do it more times in the summer. DIDN’T BUY ANY MAKEUP. If you didn’t know I’m on a makeup ban til my birthday which is the 30th of April, so I’m so proud that I’m sticking to it. I’ll put a picture below of what I brought.

I worked both Saturdays so they weren’t very exciting. Sunday I’m pretty sure I visited my boyfriend. The reason pretty sure is that I’ve visited him a lot over the holidays. Tuesday and Thursday I had to go into college to finish some work off. Thursday I spent the night with my boyfriend. We did go out but once we got there I had a massive anxiety/panic attack so went back to his to help me to calm down.

The day after we visited Trentham monkey forest and had an amazing day out. The weather was lovely and for once it didn’t rain. I’ll have some pictures below for you.

 From the Saturday to the Wednesday I revised and honestly didn’t do a lot. I just got ready to go back to college.

My Easter holiday was very busy. But I’m now on the count down to my birthday!

Thank you for reading!

Laurenn x


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