New youtube video.

Hey, I've uploaded a new youtube video. Its not very good as honestly I didn't have long to go it and couldn't edit it but it explains some things for when I'm actually going to start uploading. Click here to see it. Thank you for reading. Laurenn x Youtube - Lauren Smith-Martin. ( i only have three... Continue Reading →


I have a Facebook page! 

   Hey!  So I've created a Facebook page which I think I'll be more active on to keep you all up to date with everything that's going on, or when I'm going upload a post etc.  So Here is the link to my Blog page. If be very great full if you could like and invite... Continue Reading →


Hey, While I'm away from WordPress I thought that if you want to still catch up with what I'm doing you can add me on Facebook. Click the link below and it should hopefully take you to my page! My Facebook! Thank you for reading! Laurenn x Youtube - Lauren Smith-Martin. ( i only have... Continue Reading →

Going away. 

Hey, This is something I'd hate to say but as exams are getting closer it is apparent I haven't got time to write good blog posts as I simply don't have to time. So I'm going to restart the challenge I've been doing in a couple of months or so when I know that I... Continue Reading →

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