First love.


I just wanted to talk today. This isn’t makeup, beauty or media-based but this blog has started to become a little bit of everything.

Anyway, have you ever been with someone you never thought you’d be able to be without? I feel like most of us have been there. I was 13/14, stupid and quite honestly dumb to think he was a ‘first love’ or a proper boyfriend.

Details? What is there to say, erm well it lasted roughly two years and I can say it was hell. At the time it wasn’t, I was lost in the moment of being with someone. Now being an official adult I can tell you I was stupid and the experience was the worst thing I’ve ever been through. He was someone you thought was great and didn’t have any flaws. AHAHAHA. Flaws? He was full of them. Verbally and sometimes physically abusive and manipulative. I now wonder why I didn’t just leave but the truth is he would let me. Fill my head with guilt of all the things he was going to do if I left. Can I just state he is two years old than me. He should have known better.

This blog post is to show you not everyone is who they seem. If I could give you any advice is don’t stay with someone  like who I’ve just described. Its not worth it, you may love them but the hurt isn’t worth the good times that make you want to stay.

Being with my boyfriend 2 and half years today has shown me how I should actually be treated and what is worth fighting for. Relationships aren’t easy, it takes the fighting to get through the hard times. The tears to get to the cuddles. The darkness to get to the light at the end of the tunnel.

I admit I was 13/14, stupidly thinking he was a person I was going with forever. I’m not 18, been with Corey for 2 years and 6 months knowing he is the forever I was looking for.

Don’t be upset if you don’t find the right one first time around. Its fates way of telling you there is someone better. Don’t EVER settle for less than you deserve.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me, all the ways of contacting me are listed below.

Thank you for reading!

Laurenn x


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