Time For Something New.


You may or may have not noticed that I changed the name of my blog. In all honestly, it just wasn’t working for me any more. I started this blog with high expectations and I let myself down. Its been a hard couple of months for me recently, I’ve kept a lot to myself and it’s taken a massive toll on me mentally. Therefore a change of name was the only thing I thought fitting. I’ll still be posting about makeup and stuff, but I want to talk about my life. I need to be more open and after meeting so many amazing blogger on here,  I know I’m in a safe place.

Trying to be Lauren is a brand new start. I’ve started a brand new journey.

The end goal?

To love myself for me. Thats it, stopping all the bull. Today I finally admitted that I’m not okay. Although I now realise that it’s okay to not be okay. I don’t want the darkness that fills my soul to be there anymore. I want to do all the amazing things I’ve had planned.

Tomorrow is a new day and it’s the day where I’m going to start to focus on me.

Therefore welcome to Trying To Be Lauren, A New Beginning.



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