What I love the most about Christmas

Growing up my reasons for loving Christmas have changed. When I was younger like lots of kids I was excited for the presents, the surprises seeing what ‘Santa’ had got me (totally couldn’t hear my mum getting the presents from her room as I was too excited to sleep).

As I told into my teen I was always grateful for any presents I received, although by this point I was always more interested in the food. In my house we shop every week in Aldi but Christmas we most of the point spend a little extra and it makes it that little bit more special.

Turning into a young adult, I appreciate everything I receive from family and friends. Since getting a job and earning my own money, the high I get from seeing the faces my family and friends when they open their presents. Especially my mum as I love giving back to her. What I also love is spending time with family. This is something as I child I always took for granted when I was younger. Especially since my grandad passed, I’d do anything to have another Christmas with him.

What do you love the most about Christmas?


4 Replies to “What I love the most about Christmas”

  1. I feel like I went through the exact same phases you did! I’ve just recently started transitioning from being excited about the food to seeing my family get their gifts and it’s an exciting time. I’ve also gotten more practical for things I tell my family that I want when they ask. For example I asked for a portable car battery charger and air pressure machine haha

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    1. Exactly! As I’ve grown up I’ve realised that I can buy myself makeup and other material things but spending time with family is priceless! But present wise totally relatable I’ve asked for a sauce pan set for uni 😂


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