Dealing With Grief Around The Holidays

This post is a part of Nicole Carman’s mental health-related holiday post series, “Taking Care of your Mental Health during the Holiday Season.”

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Grief hits everyone in different ways. For a variety of reasons, dealing with the loss of a loved one around the holidays becomes harder.

When I was 15 I lost the man, who taught me everything I know. My grandad was my best friend and Christmas was when he’d always stay over my house and we’d play games, open presents together, watch top of the pop and so much more. After four years of him not being here it hasn’t gotten any easier, but I’ve found ways to cope.

These may not work for everyone as we are all unique, but it may help bring some peace in dealing with your loss.

First and foremost, I will acknowledge that it isn’t going to be a walk in the park so that I can start to mentally prepare myself.

We still do somethings that we do when my grandad was here e.g. Christmas eve pjs

Traditions that we found harder we stopped doing.

Remember that everyone doesn’t grieve the same way, but whatever you feel is still valid.

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t want to do something you normally would, or your family wants to do. Your mental health comes first.

Something I personally do is remember that even know I’m sad about going through the Christmas without my loved ones, I know that they wouldn’t want me to sad and try to push through.

Lastly its okay to be happy. Being happy in this difficult time doesn’t reduce the amount you love or miss your loved one. Don’t feel guilty for the bits of joy you do find.

If you are really struggling with grief here are some contact numbers that are free if you need extra support:

·       Samaritans (UK): 115 123





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