Budgeting For Christmas Presents

Budgeting can be difficult, any time of the year. Although personally it gets that little bit harder over the Christmas period. I love buying my loved ones presents and I defiantly go over board at times.

To try and help to combat this, there are a few steps I follow to try and keep me in line.

I first will write out a list of who I’m going to buy presents for and then by each of the names put how much I am willing to spend. For example my parents and my boyfriend have a higher budget than a work colleagues. As well as this me and my best friend discuss how much we are going to spend so that we spend a similar amount to what we can afford.

Once I’ve done this I work out when to start buying present to work out the amount of payday in between that point and Christmas. First deducting all my bills and savings so that I know I’m not going to make myself broke in the process.

Be realistic and don’t feel guilty. I have a habit of feeling really bad if people have spent more money on me and then try to match it. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that its the thought that counts and I know my loved ones will be grateful for whatever they get. They would prefer a card over breaking the bank.

Christmas means so much more than presents. Spending time with the people you love comes before anything else.

But just to summarise – plan, budget and be realistic!




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