Rejoining Slimming World for the 3rd and Final Time


The past couple years I’ve struggled massively with my weight. Constantly fluctuating between low and high weights. Quite frankly I’ve had enough. In 2019 I will be turning 21 and hopefully be graduating from uni.

Today I joined Slimming World for the last time. I’ve brought a 12 week countdown and full focused on getting to my target weight. Each week I will updating writing updates of how each weigh in has gone the ups and downs of this journey. I have a slimming world account on instagram where I am hoping to post most of my meals and any other little updates – lauren_sw1998

I know this journey isn’t going to be straight forward between working for McDonalds and being use to eating junk at university but I know I can’t keep being angry and disgusted at my body.

Does anyone else go to slimming world and WW? If you have an Instagram account leave a comment with your handle and I’ll follow you, any tips will be massively helpful.


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